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Bitcoin Holds Steady Monday as Companies Attract Customers and Funding

September 16, 2013 at 22:55 by BitcoinNews

Bitcoin settled down a bit Monday but is holding rather steady after last week’s rally. Prices are in a tight trading range at Mt. Gox, which is holding in a range largely between $138 and $140, on lower volume. Last week’s rally occurred as volume picked up in multiple spikes from Wednesday to Friday.

The Bitcoin wallet Armory is reported to have raised $600,000 from investors to extend the open-source wallet features, according to The Genesis Block. Still in Beta, Armory hadn’t been updated in some time, though it is widely believed to be one of the highest security options available. There is some speculation of developing a Enterprise-level service with a far greater number of features and even greater security options.

GigaOM also reported today on the phenomenal growth of Bitpay, whose customers have increase 10-fold in just the past year from 1,000 to 10,000. Bitpay CEO Tony Gallippi estimated one-third to half of these merchants transacted over the platform last month. Frequent users include WordPress and Gyft. Gallippi further noted, “We’re still early in the adopter cycle.. only three to four million people around the world have Bitcoins.”

Below is a summary of the major Bitcoin markets:

market summary

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