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Your Opinion About Free & Paid Forex Courses

March 22, 2010 by

Many Forex brokers now offer Forex training courses — some do it for free, some offer discounts to their clients, other provide the paid educational services. Apart from the brokers, some specialized Forex companies and websites provide paid Forex training, webinars, courses, conferences, etc. Paid Forex courses are also available in a form of video or audio lessons that are sold abundantly on-line. At a first glance, such courses look to be a good investment, as the gained knowledge will help you to become more profitable in Forex. But do they really help to trade better? Can’t a potential trader learn everything by himself, using the free study materials available in the internet? In my opinion, Forex trading isn’t an easy subject to teach, it’s almost impossible to learn it without spending a lot of time on gaining a personal experience. But on the other hand, many on-line webinars and similar events offer some really interesting or innovative view on the market, on the process of trading or on some unobvious historical statistics. So, I wouldn’t call it all useless, but I would definitely think twice before spending money on something like that without knowing the real value behind the offered education.

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