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Which Forex Calendars to Use?

July 1, 2013 (Last updated on June 10, 2019) by

Forex calendar is a primary tool of fundamental analysis for many traders. Although there are many websites offering economic calendars to the currency traders, there are only 7 original websites (that I know of). The others are simply using the calendar widgets provided by the first companies.

  • Forex Factory — offers simple interface combined with detailed reporting on all kind of events. It is probably a popular choice among the FF forum members.
  • DailyFX — simple calendar without much details or explanations. It can be a good choice if you follow mainly US events.
  • — a powerful calendar full of features and details, though the interface may seem confusing. It is one of the most popular calendars, used by many websites.
  • Yahoo! Finance — a calendar of a very poor quality and limited capabilities. I would be surprised to find out that anyone uses it at all.
  • — another powerful economic calendar, on par with, albeit with a more annoying and slower interface.
  • ZuluTrade — an easy-to-use but not very detailed FX calendar. It is intended primarily for ZuluTrade investors and traders.
  • ForexSpace — probably, the most young calendar of all seven, it still requires a lot of improvement and development. Nevertheless, a news trader may find it useful if, for some reason, he cannot use any other calendar.

Personally, I prefer using DailyFX and FF calendars. The first one as a matter of habit and the second one in cases when DailyFX fails. And how about you?

What economic calendar do you use?

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If you are using some economic calendar not listed above or if you have any questions about using Forex calendars, please feel free to submit them using the form below.

5 Responses to “Which Forex Calendars to Use?”

  1. Armin


    admin Reply:

    Thanks for sharing! Actually, displays calendar by


    Денис Reply:

    Я использую календарь Forexinn


    admin Reply:

    Forexinn используют календарь от

    Forexinn uses calendar.


  2. Dennis Alden

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