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What Is the Best Time of Day to Trade?

June 4, 2012 (Last updated on July 23, 2017) by

As my own statistics shows, the trading dynamics of the currency pairs differs greatly depending on the time of day. At the same moment, majority of this blog’s readers spend less than 5 hours a day on trading, so, obviously, they dedicate only a part of their day to the markets. Personally, I am a long-term trader (relatively to what is considered short-term in Forex) and thus the time of day is rarely important to me as 90% of my positions are entered via pending orders. This poll asks you what hours do you choose for FX trading. All answers are presented in your local time and you can choose more than one option:

What part of day do usually use for trading?

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If you want share some more details about the time of day you prefer for trading, please feel free to do so using the form below.

3 Responses to “What Is the Best Time of Day to Trade?”

  1. Samy

    I actually wrote an article about the same topic and came to the conclusion that the best time for intraday traders was the volatile London session.


  2. Bonny Putian Ifeuwa-Abunike Okoli

    I am a student, studying human intelligence and also a trader. I see trading as fun and time do not limit me to trade during trading days in a week. As soon as I boot my Laptop, If there is any signal based on my trading edge, I enter the market. I am a 4hour time-frame trader. I swing trade the market in a major trend. Trading 4hours time-frame gives me the time to do other things…


  3. Rakesh

    I think the best time for trading is afternoon because till that time, we know the actual market trend which helps to predict market easily. Mostly i do trade afternoon or in the night & most of time i earn good profit. Trading is my hobby & i do it in my part time. I always trade confidently.


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