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What Is Average EUR/USD Spread You Get?

August 13, 2012 by

As far as I remember, back in 2005 getting 3 pips spread on the EUR/USD currency pair was pretty cool with the retail Forex brokers. Times have changed and the spreads considered “good” too. Clearly, many companies can now boast spreads below 1 pip. Unfortunately, these low spreads usually come at a cost of either some added commission or an increased minimum account/position size. As a result, not all traders can fully enjoy the industry’s current spread-declining tendency.

The poll below asks you about the average bid/ask spread for EUR/USD you get from your broker. If you trade with two or more brokers, then please select the option that corresponds with the broker you do the majority of your EUR/USD trading with. For example, I get an average spread of 1 pip from one broker and 2 pips from another, but most of my EUR/USD trades are done with the second one, so I vote “2 pips, no commission” in this poll.

What is the average spread for EUR/USD you get?

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If you have some commentary regarding the spread offered by Forex brokers, please feel free to reply to this post using the form below.

6 Responses to “What Is Average EUR/USD Spread You Get?”

  1. Alexander Collins

    Wow. Guys, how are you going to be profitable traders if around 50% of traders pay more than 1.5 pip commission? I don’t count hidden rocks as slippage and re-quotes.


    admin Reply:

    What spread do you get?


    Alexander Collins Reply:

    Less than 0.5 pip + 2 USD per lot commission with Armada Markets. I need fast broker for automated trading due to logic of EA


    admin Reply:

    That is a really nice spread/commission. I wonder if they accept scalpers…


  2. Peter Davies

    The average spread is approximately 2.6 pips


    admin Reply:

    Which broker is that, if you don’t mind?


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