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What Devices Do You Use for Trading?

March 16, 2015 (Last updated on June 25, 2015) by

Times when the mainstream Forex trading software could only run on Windows computers while only few narrowly specialized platforms existed for anything else are long gone. Nowadays, currency traders live a world where they can comfortably trade from almost any hardware platform they wish to. Such popular trading platform as MetaTrader can be run via compatibility layers on non-Windows PCs and can also be accessed from any browser through many of available web-based front-ends.

iOS vs. Android vs. Windows in Forex Trading Platforms

Naturally, this situation shows a potential to produce a notable diversity among the devices and operating systems used by the modern market participants. While mobile platforms probably still lack a lot of the features that are staple on desktop trading platforms, those are getting more popular among traders too. FX brokers often advertise availability of this or that platform support for tablet computers or mobile phones.

I personally, trade only from a Windows desktop PC because my main trading platform is MetaTrader, which can be quite glitchy if run in Wine under Mac and Unix-like systems. Sometimes, I do read market news via my iPhone and at times, I use it to monitor my open positions, but I doubt that it can be used for some serious Forex trading. And how about you?

What devices do you use for trading?

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If you want to talk more about your experience of FX trading from various kinds of devices please do so by posting a commentary.

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