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Uneasy Situation

January 26, 2010 by

Hello my readers! Today I think that I need your help to solve some uneasy situation that concerns some of the reviews on and thus is important for the quality of the content and information that you as the site’s visitors receive from it.

The situation involves a trader (let’s call him Joe), a broker (let’s call it ACME-Forex) and a bunch of rather rough reviews of this broker submitted by Joe. Trader Joe was trading successfully with ACME-Forex until one day he decided to withdraw his capital. After his request was refused, he submitted several reviews to and some other Forex-related websites. These reviews were rather straightforward as they went straight from his heart. ACME-Forex didn’t like these reviews and began to persuade me to remove them from my site. I must say that I have a rather strict policy for the reviews — I never remove reviews unless I am really sure that they are fake, and so I refused. Then ACME-Forex finally came to an agreement with trader Joe to return almost all his capital but on some conditions. These conditions require Joe to ask all the sites where he submitted his reviews to remove them. The final part of Joe’s capital (1/3 of it) will be returned to him only when all his reviews are removed from all sites. In my opinion, it wasn’t very wise on Joe’s side to sign such an agreement, as he obviously can’t control the reviews posted on some websites, but he did sign it.

So, now Joe asks me to remove his reviews from my site for ACME-Forex to return his money to him. And as I don’t remove reviews in such cases and refuse, he blames his “suffering” on me. I agree that he should get his capital back, but I also believe that it shouldn’t cost my visitors the possibility to read the actual reviews of ACME-Forex as I consider all reviews useful to traders.

Since removing those reviews from will influence my readers, I feel obliged to ask your opinion on this matter. Should I remove Joe’s reviews so he could get his money back and new traders couldn’t read these reviews or shouldn’t I?

Should I remove the reviews?

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I would also really appreciate it if you would leave a commentary with your opinion on this matter.

3 Responses to “Uneasy Situation”

  1. Mark

    I too, believe he should get his money. However, you did not tell him to post on your site nor did you tell him to sign an agreement with which he has no control over. your site is dedicated to helping and informing FX users, not partnering in litigation. I would like to read the post he submitted if anything just to be aware of the shady broker.


    Andrei Reply:

    Thank you. Your opinion is very important to me and I will definitely consider it before making my final decision on this matter.


  2. Abiodun

    I realy admire ur effort to assist clients but this issue seems complicated. I would have suggested that you remove the review from your site for overall advantage of Joe for him to achieve his aim of writing you. Thanks


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