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TradeView Forex — Another Broker from RCG

May 7, 2008 (Last updated on March 21, 2009) by

Today I’ve added a new Forex broker to the list on the site — TradeView Forex — another broker that is operated by the financial company Rosenthal Collins Group, LLC (first broker from this company, which hit my list, was RCG fxtrader). TradeView Forex offers MetaTrader 4 platform without CFD trading, limited demo accounts (30-day limit) and rather tight spreads (from 2 pips). For me, it doesn’t look like a great broker, because it requires a lot of paper work to open an account, doesn’t support convenient ways of account funding and offers quite a limited amount of trading instruments. But for some traders it might seem to be an interesting Forex broker, because it’s registered with NFA and offers good scalping opportunities.

Update: They are no longer a part of RCG; now they are associated with IKON GM.

12 Responses to “TradeView Forex — Another Broker from RCG”

  1. Jon

    Your only recommending point is that they are NFA registered and may offer scalping ops? From all that I have heard; they are a lousy broker. I haven’t heard one single good recommendation from anyone. Why bother with any new firms when there are Alpari, ODL, InterbankFX, and FXCM? Huh? I see zero reason to give anyone new a try!


  2. Andrei


    Every broker has its own advantages and disadvantages. I heard a lot of complaints about Alpari, ODL, InterbankFX, FXCM and virtually any other Forex broker. So what? Those who don’t like other brokers may try TradeView Forex, if someone is fine with one of the older brokers, then he won’t be interested in this one. What’s the problem after all?


  3. TickPrice

    Trade view team is full of Sh*t will tell you anything to get your accounts, once your in will bleed you in tell your margined


  4. Philip Morrison

    Actually Tradeview are a bunch of crap, especially true if you are an IB , because they never give IB’s their monthly reports on time. So it is very hard to pay our staff when we dont know exactly what we made in commisions, because TradeView is very slow to give the volume reports.

    3 to 5 months late is not unusual. We are actually trying to pull all our clients out to move to another broker because its just too stressful to deal with tradeview.

    Good riddiance to bad rubbish.

    God help any trader or Introducing Broker who refers anyone to them. If they do they are in for a hard time.


  5. Beer

    Since TradeView moved from RCG STP MT4 to Ikon crapy dealing desk MT4 I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT ISSUES, hunting my stops, wide spreads, poor support.. No longer, I am out!!


  6. TickPrice

    TV is a Bucket shop and will do anything to skim $ from IB and clients. We had 11 clients open accounts their and not one left,all 9 had the same complaint \


  7. Tr

    Ageee with the privius post, I had 9 clients IB’ed their everyone of them had motiple complaints. TV is nothing but a bucket shop and will never do business with them agim. O yea try posting your complaionts at it will never rech public view becouse TV is a sponsor forexpeacearmy will filter all bad reviews.. go ahead and try


  8. felipe

    Hey Phillip Morrison, what´s wrong with you? I´m pretty sure you´ve ever done business with Tradeview, because I did and I like it so much. Also, I´ve seen your negatives blogs somewhere, I think you like to work for the competition but I have a homework for you, learn how to spell, please!

    Tradeview is very good; you have to try it, because you don’t know it at all.


  9. Terry

    I got my demo account with them 2 months ago and ever since I have been receiving email updating me on all there news. Also they have sent me information about how I can learn to trade.


  10. Marcus Garvey

    I want to start by saying that I have tried three companies already. the last one was Tradeviewforex, I stayed with them because my feeling was that they are Brokers, but also human beings and treat you as human being, most of the people I met from other companies were just too stubborn and with this people from tradeview forex was different , and it was different precisely because they are not pretending to show their human side, they actually do it and I appreciate that a lot, it makes me feel safe even when trades have been in a bad luck strike I felt that I wasn´t alone, and that conviction was worth as I’m having profits, obviously I´m not becoming rich from one day to another but I managed to learn, assimilate and apply forex knowledge. That’s it… what else can I say? Thanks to Tradeview!


  11. BettiMan

    May what to edit this blog to reflect TVfx current status. TVfx was dropped from RCG umbrella almost a year ago, although they still try to use RCG name in marketing their no longer associated in any way. Word has it TVfx is nothing more than a snake oil sales team that’s been bouncing from Broker to broker, first NYC offices of ODL next Refco, then One world , and RCG and now at ikon gm.

    Odds are the good responses you se on these any other blog/forums are ether paid for or the team themselves trying to pump in suckers.


  12. metatradersearch

    We are seeking help from any individual or corporation that held LIVE trading (Forex) accounts at TradeView Forex daring transfer from RCG over to Ikon-gm between at or around the dates of 06/15/08 07/30/08

    Your assistance would greatly appreciated
    Please email at


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