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The Way to Trade Forex by Jay Lakhani

April 10, 2009 by

Jay Lakhani is a successful Forex and stock trader with a great experience as a mentor for the newbie Forex traders. He believes that the trader’s psychology and the money management basics should receive much more attention during the learning process than the usual market theory. His book «The Way to Trade Forex» is a good starter’s choice for the unexperienced Forex traders as it may put the whole education process on the right way. Readers will definitely try to find their own trading strategies and techniques that will comply with their emotional state and the trading character after finishing this book. Now you can download this book from my site for free. Being extremely useful to the beginning traders, «The Way to Trade Forex» is also an interesting and not too long read for others. But, of course, for people practically familiar with Forex trading, this book is barely something greater than a polite invitation to the author’s mentoring courses.

2 Responses to “The Way to Trade Forex by Jay Lakhani”

  1. rajaram

    Thank you very much. Forex is an easy business. I’ve started forex about nine months now, i realized the truth meaning of forex after lost a couple of hundreds dallors, now i am trading on demo and will trade live untill i consistently wining, untill can control my emotion, my greed, and untill i develop a consistent stratgy. I’ve improved rapidly the last two months, the profits is gain slowly each weeks.


  2. waverly Logan

    need to learn how to trade the forex


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