Markit services PMI


Markit services PMI (also called IHS Markit US Services PMI) is a sentiment indicator, which measures the health of the US services businesses by studying the opinion of the industry’s purchasing managers. It is one of the important leading fundamental indicators. PMI values above 50 signal expansion of economic activity. Values below 50 signal contraction of economic activity. This services PMI is reported monthly by the IHS Markit on the third business day after the month ends. Better-than-expected values have potential to push the US dollar up. Worse-than-expected values usually bear negative effect on the USD. Normally, Markit services PMI is released as a preliminary (or flash) estimate on the fourth week of the month. Then, on the first week of the next month, the final revision is released.

The blog posts below feature descriptions of the Markit services PMI reports released since 2015.

It is somewhat similar to the ISM services PMI.

Note: Do not confuse this indicator with Markit manufacturing PMI.