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Support and Resistance MetaTrader Indicator

January 27, 2008 (Last updated on December 10, 2013) by

Enjoy the new MetaTrader indicator — Support and Resistance — ready to be downloaded from the indicators page. This indicator shows the dynamic support and resistance levels directly on the chart. It applies the levels to the certain periods that are treated as the trends or sub-trends. This indicator was originally developed by Barry Stander (, but I have received by e-mail from one of my reader — Muntazir Mehdi. So, thanks should go to both of them. And I hope to receive and publish even more of such interesting and yet simple Forex indicators.

3 Responses to “Support and Resistance MetaTrader Indicator”

  1. Adrian

    Hi Barry,

    As a fellow South African, thought that it might be good to speak to another.
    I’m from Durbs, and have been “learning to trade” for a year and a half now.
    It is a tough experience, but I am up to the challenge.
    Maybe hear from you soon,


  2. Andrei

    “Fellow South African”?


  3. Dith

    It’s nice to know that there are people from S.A taking part in forex. I must agree with Adrian, it’s one hell of an experience trading. I’m in Midrand (S.A.) and I use support and resistance together the stochastic, William’s %r for confirmation on strong hold or break out… I’m on the H1. Bigger time frames are ok too but it sometimes it gets to a point where price just changes and I get to see that one the H1 chart.


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