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Sharing Is Caring in Forex?

November 5, 2012 by

I often hear that if someone has a really good and working trading system, he will never share it and will keep it only to himself. According to many Forex book authors, it is highly unlikely that a trader who found some profitable strategy or developed a consistently lucrative FX robot will start selling it publicly or sharing it for free. As I see in the forums, this opinion prevails among many currency traders — both experienced and newbies. On the other hand, there are many traders who are sharing what they claim to be a working strategy.

I am myself sharing a lot of expert advisors and Forex strategies. Not all of them are profitable (some are not even intended to be), but majority of them has shown particularly good results during a limited period of testing at least. I believe that if I could find a Holy Grail trading system, I would not mind sharing it too. After all, I will be making enough money with it alone — why bother with trying to sell and market it?

However, there is another opinion. Some opposers of the sharing idea insist that a system that is used by many traders becomes useless. The more traders employ some strategy the less effective it becomes. While the argument seems somewhat plausible to me, I doubt that it is possible to popularize one’s strategy in such a way that it will be used by some significant number of market participants.

And what is your stand on sharing the secrets to successful trading?

Would you share your Holy Grail of Forex trading?

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8 Responses to “Sharing Is Caring in Forex?”

  1. Cristian Dragos

    very few votes unfortunately… cannot tell what people really think from this small sample. was the article just posted today? and is this the regular attendance on this forum?


    admin Reply:

    It was posted today. Hopefully, more votes will come soon.


  2. Eric D

    I firmly believe there is no way a methodology can be passed exactly to another trader, your method works for you because of your own experience and personality, your own knowledge of yourself and secondly of the market makes your strategy works, not the method itself, I think you would need an incredible amount of traders to trade exactly the same way you do in order to tamper with that very trade, I also believe there is no such a thing as a purely mechanical strategy which could mean someone else might use it, therefore rendering useless, a cyclic vicious paradox?


    admin Reply:

    You are right. But, if a strategy can be formalized into a trading robot, it can be passed over to another trader. The only difference now would be starting account balance, broker’s trading conditions and connection interruptions.


    Eric D Reply:

    Oh yes!, hadn’t thought of it that way… robotic doesn’t necessarily means mechanical, you are right, that is why if a method could be made a robot (or a robot doing the method?) for a perfect cloned execution, it could provoke the dilution of the results in a large enough statistical representation, at the beginning it might even help fulfill a self-fulfilling trading analysis… mmmmmm… we are turning philosophical.


  3. Phil Moore

    I think that you have an interesting point if anyone with a top strategy would actually share it. I really think it would come down to what you trade. If you are in the ‘spot’ market then it is unlikely that that a bunch of retail traders trading the same strategy would have much in any effect. However certainly in the area that I tend to focus on, binary options, a winning strategy followed by a few hundred traders would soon put paid to the strategy… or rather the brokers would!


    admin Reply:

    What do you mean? Binary brokers would just refuse to service winning customers’ bets?


  4. Alexander Collins

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