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RTATC2011 — Day 1 — Introduction

June 9, 2011 by

With more than 4 months left before ATC 2011, I introduce my RTATC2011 series of blog posts. RTATC2011 stands for Road To ATC 2011 and this year I’d like to publicly share all my preparations for this Forex trading contest.


I plan to share my ideas for EAs, descriptions of various important methods and techniques to be used specifically during the Automated Trading Championship, code snippets, scripts, indicators and even fully working versions of the expert advisors. Of course, I won’t share the final version of the EA that will be submitted by me to ATC for the obvious reasons. But when the submission period will be over, I’ll publish also the final version of the EA.


The main purpose of this development diary is to help me to organize the whole process. Additionally, I hope that it will help some other traders and MQL developers to come up with something interesting for ATC 2011. It may also turn out so that some of my misunderstandings will be corrected by the blog readers, and I still expect you to share your ideas with me. So this diary isn’t very altruistic after all :-).


Although I did call this series of posts a diary, it won’t be updated every day. I’ll try to post at least one entry a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. That’s about 18 posts before the start of ATC 2011. I hope that it will be enough to show you how a good MT5 expert advisor can be developed from scratch.

Each of the consequent posts about my road to ATC 2011 will be marked with RTATC2011 abbreviation, and the number of a day will be stated in the post’s title. You will be able to find all such posts easily by the tag RTATC2011.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my preparations for the upcoming ATC 2011 contest, please reply using the form below.

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