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Position Size Calculator and Pip Value Calculator

February 11, 2008 (Last updated on December 4, 2009) by

I’ve added a new calculator to the Forex tools section of the site — it’s a Position Size Calculator. It’s largely inspired by the Forex Position Size Calculator created by Rich Paredes from I’ve tried to improve it with own vision of the position size calculation and now you can check it out. It calculates position size in units and lots, it also returns the amount of risked money or the risk ratio for your position. Account currency and leverage are stored in the cookies.

Pip Value Calculator has been also upgraded so that you can now select account currency different from USD, it will also remember your selection for your next visit.

2 Responses to “Position Size Calculator and Pip Value Calculator”

  1. Charles Okorobie

    I want a copy of some of the forex tools, i.e pivot piont calculator, money management calculator. Fabonacci calculator.


  2. Andrei

    Charles Okorobie, and?


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