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[Poll] How Profitable Are Your 2019 Forex Trading Results?

January 6, 2020 by

Another year of currency trading is over and it is time for each trader to look at their bottom line — what is the net profit or loss? What were the main drivers for such a result? What can be done better in 2020 to improve the results? I will start off by saying that 2019 was one of the bad years for my main Forex trading strategy (chart patterns): -3.1%. There were two mediocre wins in the beginning, but then all my trades ended in red. Luckily, there weren’t many of them — only 7 in total. My XAG/USD long trade is still open and is showing a rather nice floating profit, but it doesn’t belong to 2019 trading results — I will count it for 2020 when it is closed.

My Trading Performance in 2019


In terms of the types of trades that turned out better than the rest, the first and only two wins were symmetrical triangles (USD/JPY and gold), but the next two losses were also symmetrical triangles (gold and GBP/CHF). They were followed by the losing double bottom (AUD/USD), double top (EUR/USD), and bullish pennant (GBP/JPY). It is difficult to draw out any useful conclusions due to the low number of trades last year. Considering the disastrous combined results for 2018–2019, it looks tempting to switch away from my chart pattern trading strategy as the main one to something I had more success with recently — news trading or sentiment-based trades. However, for 2020, I plan to continue employing chart patterns as before (albeit with a bit more care), while giving more weight to other strategies.

What was your overall trading result in 2019?

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