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Pivot Points Indicator for MetaTrader

February 18, 2008 (Last updated on December 5, 2011) by

A new indicator is available for download now — it’s TzPivots. It shows the daily pivot points directly on the MetaTrader chart. It’s easy to use — you only need to set two input parameters for it to work properly:

  • LocalTimeZone — should be set to your MetaTrader server’s time zone shift in hours relative to the GMT. E.g. if your charts in MT4 are for GMT-5, then you should enter “-5” for this parameter.
  • DestTimeZone — is the time zone shift of the destination trading session relative to the GMT. E.g. if you want to trade during the London session, then you need to set this parameter to “0” or to “+1” when the daylight saving time is on.

That’s all you need to use this wonderful indicator.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) use or download a MetaTrader pivot indicator, you can always use our manual Forex pivot calculator to get your daily (or weekly, or hourly) pivot points.

Update: This indicator is available both for MT4 and MT5 versions of MetaTrader platform.

6 Responses to “Pivot Points Indicator for MetaTrader”

  1. Josh

    Is anyone able to turn this into a weekly pivot indicator instead of a daily. Because I need a weekly pivot indicator that is timezone adjustable


  2. Aang Guntoro

    I need indicator daily pivot for mt4


  3. 5ko FX

    Great indicator! Thank you!


  4. pule

    any one with TDI that got entry and exit arrows


  5. Sandy Coben

    Is this better than daily forex signals or is totally different?


    admin Reply:

    What do you mean by “daily forex signals”? This is just an indicator to show daily pivot points.


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