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Next Week Pivot Points (3/26—3/30)

March 24, 2007 (Last updated on November 27, 2009) by

EUR/USD technical analysis for the next week (3/26–3/30).

General trend: ranging.

Floor pivot points:
3rd Sup__2nd Sup__1st Sup__Pivot____1st Res__2nd Res__3rd Res

Woodie’s pivot points:
2nd Sup__1st Sup__Pivot____1st Res__2nd Res

Camarilla pivot points:
4th Sup__3rd Sup__2nd Sup__1st Sup__1st Res__2nd Res__3rd Res__4th Res

Tom DeMark’s pivot points:
Resistance: 1.3345
Support: 1.3206

Fibonacci retracement levels:
100% — 1.3410
61,8% — 1.3357
50,0% — 1.3341
38,2% — 1.3324
23,6% — 1.3304
00,0% — 1.3271

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    I like your blog. Tell me, have you any experience with


  2. enivid

    No, as I see this site is quite new. Didn’t hear anything good or bad about it yet. But usually all Forex signals sites show good results only for some time and then they are gone… :(


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