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New List of Brokers — High-Leverage Ones

May 5, 2016 by

It is a common wisdom in the markets that trading with a high leverage can be dangerous. It is also obvious that huge leverage offered by the Forex brokers is one of the most prominent advantages of the online foreign exchange market. It allows controlling large positions with relatively small amounts of funds.

The daily rate fluctuations in major currency pairs are very low when compared to such trading instruments as equities or commodities. In these conditions, it only makes sense to trade in large amounts of currency units. However, not all traders can afford to trade in 100,000 units without a margin account. This is where high leverage Forex brokers come to rescue. With 1:1000 leverage, even the smallest account will be able to trade positions of significant size given the trader’s risk tolerance is also high.

Leveraging small money to trade big

Of course, the fact that a broker is offering a very high leverage does not mean that you have to be using it all the time. First, account leverage can usually be switched lower or higher depending on your current requirements. Second, you can still use lower position size keeping your bottom line safe even in case of large price movements.

If you have any questions about the list of high leverage brokers presented by or if you want to suggest an idea of your own broker list, please let us know through the contact form below.

One Response to “New List of Brokers — High-Leverage Ones”

  1. Raju

    I suggest to trade take the highest available leverage. Its won’t increase the risk as long as you maintain a strong money management system. Because leverage can provide us the extra flexibility and same time increase our risk, while we can reduce the risk through the money management system. Suggest that to consider a rescue Forex bonus to add more flexibility and that bonus can be traded like equity.


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