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New Format Forex Broker Lists and Descriptions

February 20, 2009 by

I’ve decided to update the Forex broker list on my site and ended up changing the whole system. With more than 110 brokers on the list, with the majority of them being MT4 and with support of CFD trading, the old category pages were loading for too long. Now the category lists are just the filtered versions of the classic Forex broker table (which is also sortable, of course). The exact descriptions, details and reviews for the specific brokers are located on the dedicated pages (examples: FXOpen, Interactive Brokers). So, the lists are now much easier to navigate and after you find the broker that you were searching for, you you get all the available information about it on a single page. Along with this structural change I’ve also added the «Country of origin» field for all brokers, so now you’ll see where your money are coming to and whom you are dealing with (at least technically).

The old versions of the lists are also available, but they are no longer supported:

5 Responses to “New Format Forex Broker Lists and Descriptions”

  1. Nicole

    what is the best forex broker for an affiliate programm?


    Andrei Reply:

    That depends more on you than on the Forex broker you use for an affiliate program. Try FXOpen or FXcast.


  2. madison

    I do have an account with FXopen. I looked for the broker that the spreads stay in the
    1.5 to 5 range. Most of the time my broker is in that bracket. Of course some pairs
    have larger sreads than others and I watch for that also.


  3. Danielle

    Thanks for the updates and the hard work. It is definitely much easier to find things now. Great job.


  4. Samuel

    Thanks for this great work ! Anyway, what are you thinking about the ECN brokers ? If i may say so, there’s another great broker that is not known enough and which is really one of the best : it is Activtrades.
    Regards, Samuel.


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