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New Forex Book on Trading Psychology

July 5, 2007 (Last updated on November 30, 2009) by

Another free Forex e-book is now available for download from this site. It deals with trader’s personality and emotions which are inevitable in such an activity as a financial trading of any kind. Various examples and stories are presented in this book to help a trader to better understand what he must to prevent losing money and gain them instead:

Your Personality and Successful Trading — by Windsor Advisory Services

One Response to “New Forex Book on Trading Psychology”

  1. Evolved Trader

    Great E-book and Thank you for this free download. I believe trading psychology plays a signifigant role in the degrees of success we achieve through trading. There are always traders who are looking for the next best system when really all they need to do is understand more about themselves. That is really the core problem

    Thanks again for the link,


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