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MT4 and MT3 Broker

July 23, 2007 (Last updated on January 9, 2010) by

A new Forex broker with quite a long on-line history and good stand (since 2004) was added to the Forex brokers section of a site. FIBOGroup allows CFD and Forex trading via both Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 3 trading platforms. The minimum deposit is $300 and the leverage at which account are set up is 1:200. At FIBOGroup accounts are easily opened on-line, but they don’t allow e-gold deposits (closed this option due to the problems with e-gold) — but they may reopen this option in future.

2 Responses to “MT4 and MT3 Broker”

  1. Masoud Jafari

    Kindly read this text completely in order to prevent any possible losses causes by “Fibo Group Company” jobbery.

    Dear agencies and “Fibo Group” clients,

    I, Masoud Jafari have been the main representative of Fibo Group Company in Iran (Farsi), and my professional relationship with this group started 7 years ago since it was called “Cradle Wood”. Following our exclusive contract and due to the inexperienced and youth of their personnel, I tried to transfer the knowledge and training necessary to handling the job. After a while the name and the policies of the company changed in an unprofessional and unjust manner to justify some reasons as follow:
    Changing the name of the company to “Fibo Group” to cover the failures happened under the inadequate name of “Cradle Wood”, unworthy references in advertisements and to pretend the proper working procedure and the support by couple of trust worthy companies and showing superficial power. These chain of actions plus opening Micro accounts, quality control and operating internet sites in languages other than Russian or English including Chinese, German and Persian which were directed by my own in the early stages, and also the proposition of registering the “fibo Group” in Switzerland helped to improve the popularity of the company with not enough credit, like its ancestor “Cradle Wood” which had been registered in “BVI” (British Virgin Island).
    Beside all these and unfortunately, the present “Fibo Group” do not invest the trusted funds received from their clients in a proper procedure due to the absence of the international supervisions, that obviously results in the loss of the capital owners or in other word the clients.
    The eventual result of my cooperation in this regard which was based on reciprocal confidence gradually wasted and ended fruitfulness exactly at the moment when the “Fibo Group” management was about to feel stability in the region. Therefore the exclusive contract nullified unilateral and then “Fibo Group” started proposing less spreads to my clients to absorb them. Obviously I could do nothing to prevent them and they practically took advantage of my 7 years of efforts. As expected the “Fibo Group” started to compete indirectly with its own agencies.
    In here I am going to take the opportunity to advise all my colleagues and people who have been dealing with “fibo Group” being cautious in their transactions with this company to prevent (any more) losses and take the preliminary measures as follow:

    • Controlling and restraining any contact from “Fibo Group” to your clients to suppress any false low price propose to them.
    • Organizing seminars and gatherings in order to explanation the “fibo Group” insensible interference on currency exchanging rates in the calculations to weaken the profit of the customers and strengthen their looses.
    • Establishing your own broker to transfer the clients to your own subdivision as soon as possible.
    • Receiving IB from other brokers and dividing your clients among them to secure yourself.
    • Not doing advertise for this company until receiving the money from them, otherwise it is going to have nothing except loss for you.
    • Any proposition regarding the partnership from this company will lead to loosing your clients, so strictly prevent doing so.
    • Translate the current text to your local language and make it accessible for your colleagues and friends.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of information request, brokerage fees and mutual cooperation at:
    My messenger:
    It would be my pleasure to help my friends to prevent losses.

    Best Regards,
    M. Jafari

    Former exclusive “Fibo Group” representative


  2. Hasan

    This all forex in Iran is 90% bullshit and they heat people in a very organized way. I can proof that, so if required pls contact me.


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