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Microtrading with FXCM

September 7, 2008 by

FXCM broker entered the market with a new micro trading opportunity — FXCM Micro Forex broker. As many new traders prefer to trade with the small amounts of money, such brokers as FXCM can’t fulfill their needs. FXCM Micro looks like a really good opportunity for the low-budget traders. It offers $25 minimum account balance (with a maximum cap at $5,000) with 0.01 lots minimum for the position traded volume. Leverage is fixed at 1:400 level which is nice for the risky players with a little capital, but not many experienced traders would like tolerating the risk connected with such a leverage. 1.5 pips average spread on EUR/USD allows some really interesting short-term trading strategies.

Of course, it’s hardly a good broker choice for the professional traders or those who wish to start out with a big real account capital and a lower risk setting. Deposit and withdrawal can be done only via the credit card with this broker. Anyway, FXCM Micro is one of the few Forex brokers that offer micro Forex accounts and are regulated by the NFA.

4 Responses to “Microtrading with FXCM”

  1. Bic

    too bad that they don’t offer micro accounts to every country, there are some few exceptions. FXCM is indeed a good choice for those who want to start with a low account. And i highly recommend that to novice traders. Micro-account trading will get you more prepared for the market than demo trading. Believe me, you learn so much when real money is on the line, even if it is a couple of dollars.


  2. odili emeke

    i think if you register with marketiva you can still use they still offer micro accounts


  3. Andrei

    Odili, yes, but this post was about FXCM’s micro accounts. And for some people Marketiva is less trustworthy than FXCM.


  4. jj

    Fxcm Micro trades against every trade you make..and your trades are never realy put into market…they proffit when you loose + they handel the whole micro system …..I dont think you can earn With FXcm micro
    look in to it


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