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Market Profile Coded in MQL4 and MQL5

July 23, 2010 (Last updated on January 21, 2016) by

I’ve created my second double-version (MQL4 and MQL5) indicator this week. It’s a Market Profile indicator that displays the statistical distribution of the prices in time. Market profile technique is quite popular in the stock market price action analysis and can be used quite successfully in Forex (for daily sessions). It provides another dimension of the usual charts. Both versions, MT4 and MT5, are equal and can work correctly on M5, M15 and M30 timeframes (the last one is recommended). Please, see the features of this MetaTrader indicator:

  • Each bar is marked by new color — 3 different color schemes.
  • Detailed description (inside terminal on MT5 or inside code on MT4).
  • Rather fast calculation.
  • Flexible input parameters.

You can get the code of the MT5 and MT4 versions or read more info about this market profile indicator.

If you find any bugs in this MetaTrader indicator or if you want to make a suggestion regarding its functionality, please use the commentary form below.

2 Responses to “Market Profile Coded in MQL4 and MQL5”

  1. Angel


    Great looking MT4 MP! The MT5 version keeps giving me the following errors when I try to compile it.

    ‘/’ – integer expression expected | MarketProfile.mq5 {Line 164 | Column 46}
    ‘MathMax’ – integer expression expected | MarketProfile.mq5 {Line 189 | Column 101}

    Also could you please allow it to show in the H1 time frame? Thanks…


  2. admin

    MT5 bugs fixed – please re-download the indicator.

    As for the H1 timeframe. You can try modifying it to show on that timeframe, but I’m afraid that the result will be very messy – the chart objects from one day will overlap on the next day.


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