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Is Forex Trading an Easy Way to Earn?

August 29, 2011 (Last updated on July 23, 2017) by

To a complete newbie who’ve heard little about the global currency market, Forex might seem an over-complicated scientific-financial activity for some sorts of hacker-banker hybrid persons. When such a newbie reads some basic introduction to Forex and tries trading on the demo account, the previous belief usually transforms into a confidence in that the Forex market is quite simple and it’s possible to earn millions overnight there. Of course, after several weeks of experience with the real Forex account, that new belief usually vanishes too. For disciplined, organized and persistent traders, the trading usually turns profitable after all, for others it remains in the negative zone, but few of them leave attempts to master Forex.

While it’s definitely possible to earn money from Forex trading, for me it’s never been easy and I’ve always warned my site’s visitors that Forex isn’t a way to get rich quick and can’t be treated as some hobby activity that would pay for your living expenses. According to one of the old polls, about 40% of this blog’s readers are quite successful in FX trading, but is it easy for these people? And how is it for you?

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