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How Long on Demo Before Going Real?

December 14, 2009 (Last updated on October 19, 2020) by

In many Forex guides for beginners and various tips that can be found online, a great deal of advices are dedicated to the demo trading period before switching to the real account trading in foreign exchange. Some of them recommend trading for at least a month on a demo account before depositing money, others recommend reaching a certain level of profitability on demo and only then go to real account trading. Many traders go directly into live account FX trading even without trying their knowledge of the market on the practice accounts, while some of them hone their skills for months by buying and selling currencies solely on the demo accounts. Personally, I switched to real account trading almost immediately after learning about the FX market because I had a free Forex bonus from Marketiva (now AGEA), which didn’t require any deposit. I didn’t have to risk any of my money for that real account trading, so I had nothing to lose. I’ve managed to get 300% profit in 2 weeks on that bonus ($5 — huge, I know! :-) ), and then I’ve lost it all during one week. And how about you?

How long did you trade on demo before switching to Forex trading on a real account?

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One Response to “How Long on Demo Before Going Real?”

  1. Himanshu

    Well, it was long long years back when I had started trading Forex. Yep, I used demo but then realized that demo results can not work in the real trading as the control on fear and greed can not be mastered and the trading discipline does not come when the real money is not at stake. My suggestions to beginers is only to just have a feeling about your platform by demo and then go to real trades with very small amounts and slowly increase the exposure.


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