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Hiring Freelancers for Forex Trading Related Coding Jobs

November 9, 2015 by

If you have some trading strategy that can be automated or a good idea for a technical indicator, you have two options: first, implement it yourself using MetaTrader or cTrader, or some other platform with custom code support; second, hire someone else to do the work. The first option is out of choice if you do not know how to code. Choosing the second option means that you will have to find the freelancer who is skilled enough to get the things done and will do it for a reasonable price. When it comes to MetaTrader coders (MQL4 and MQL5), there are not so many places to find one:

  • Freelance — an obvious first place to seek such a coder. Hundreds of freelancers to choose from, thousands of jobs completed — it should be possible to find someone to complete your task, right? Unfortunately, my own experience tells me that it is easy to find someone to do a very simple job, but hard to find a coder that would help with a really complex problem. The website offers an escrow service and an arbitrage, but its commission is pretty high and you will pay it even if you do not get the work done by the chosen coder. The overall level of expertise is also very low there — a lot of incompetent people will bid for your project and will fail to deliver.

    Freelancers on

  • Upwork (former oDesk and Elance) connects clients and freelancers in all areas. All legal work that can be done or shared using a computer can be outsourced via Upwork. There are about two hundred MQL4 developers seeking job on the website. I have never tried hiring someone to code a Forex program there, but I have had some nice experience using copywriting services from Upwork’s freelancers. The website provides a very convenient platform for communication and progress following. Also, the professional level of workers there appears to be quite high.

    Upwork - MQL4 Skill Statistics

  • Fiverr is a popular website offering a range of $5 gigs (simple tasks) by thousands of freelancers. Some of them will code MetaTrader expert advisors or indicators. I haven’t tried ordering trading scripts on Fiverr, but I would not expect anything good from a $5 coding service. Some gigs support extra payments for additional services. In theory, they could help to provide some tolerable level of quality. What’s good with Fiverr, the buyer is more or less protected and can refuse paying for a work done poorly.

    MQL4 Gig on Fiverr

  • Forums. Many Forex communities provide an opportunity for traders and coders to find each other and get started on joint projects. For example, EarnForex Forum has a Jobs section. The good thing is that both traders and the coders are not limited to the manner they communicate there. The bad thing is the same — there is no restrictions and there is no oversight for the job’s process or payment. Scammers are free to scam in such an environment. All trust is based on reputation and thus this option is viable mostly for the established community members and is not suitable for new members.

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Please tell us more about your experience of using Freelance or similar service when hiring someone to do a custom coding work related to Forex trading.

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