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FXCH — Swiss MT4 Broker that Accepts WebMoney

December 28, 2008 (Last updated on February 20, 2009) by

FXCH or Foreign Exchange Clearing House is a Forex broker located in Switzerland. Unlike many other European brokers it’s not multi-market and offers only Forex trading services. It went up on-line in 2004. The most distinguishing features of FXCH, in my opinion, are the leverage of 1:500 and the low spreads (1 pip on all majors) — the extremely nice conditions for the risk-hungry Forex traders. The trading is done via MetaTrader 4 platform and there is no overnight interest on the open positions, which makes this broker Muslim-friendly. The minimum account size is quite high — $2,000; the funds can be transfered via WebMoney, AlertPay or bank wire. The residents of United States are not allowed to open the trading accounts with FXCH.

4 Responses to “FXCH — Swiss MT4 Broker that Accepts WebMoney”


    FXCH is a SCAM stealing your money with their magic platform which hits your stoplosses in a second and won’t let you get out of a position with a lot of requotings.
    I lost USD 4000 in less of 24 hours ; I have taken photos and shall sue this bunch of Madoff-style pirates.
    Just read the reviews about FXCH in


  2. fsa

    Can i take a look at these photoes?


    forexpipcatcher Reply:

    I have photos too where a bar is over 300pips to grab your money. Send me an eamil and ill show you.


    admin Reply:

    Why not upload them to Picasa and post the links just here?


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