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Forex WebTrader

June 10, 2007 (Last updated on November 29, 2009) by

Forex WebTrader is the name of retail Forex broker maintained by Finexo broker. It offers web based trading platform and e-gold deposit – making this broker a good choice for the new traders who want to try themselves at Forex without installing any complicated professional trading software. This broker looks even more attractive because of possibility of mobile trading with PDAs or mobile communicators. But for professional traders this might be insufficient – both in terms of the trading platform and the broker reputation (for which it is too new to have one).

One Response to “Forex WebTrader”

  1. Josh

    Hi there,

    Can you name me some good forex trading platforms suitable for use
    by a common citizen who are not very rich? Something that
    is suitable for a guy with, say, 2000 bucks to fool around with.

    I think buying and selling of the most common pairs would be enough
    for me. I don’t think I need any forex options. Low spreads would be nice.anything like or and yes I must be able to easily fund my account
    with my credit card. Must also support margin calls.

    Can you recommend any such platforms?



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