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Forex Market Turnover Infographics #1

March 13, 2011 (Last updated on December 2, 2013) by

According to the latest reports, the Forex industry is growing rapidly. For a better picture of the current state of the foreign exchange market I’ve decided to create a set of infographics. The first one shows the global FX turnover along with the biggest participants — the financial institutions that provide liquidity to the retail Forex brokers. The data is taken from the 2011 BIS FX report and from Euromoney’s FX survey 2010. You can click the image below for a high-resolution graphics:

Global Foreign Exchange Market Daily Turnover & Top 10 Forex Market Participants

If you have any questions, comments or opinions regarding the current state of the Forex market industry, please feel free to reply in the comments below.

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