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Forex Manual — Free Book for Forex Dummies

September 29, 2008 by

Forex. On-Line Manual for Successful Trading is one of the best Forex books for beginners I’ve encountered recently and it’s now available to be downloaded for free from my site. Although, it’s not concentrating on any specific Forex related concept, this manual describes everything a new trader needs and wants to know — the history of the Forex market, its functions, its features and advantages, the most popular techniques of the market analysis, etc. Download it and read it if you still play with the demo account, but don’t bother with this ebook if you are already making profits. Of course, if you are an experienced trader, but want to know more about the history and other functions of the Forex market, you can go through this manual too.

10 Responses to “Forex Manual — Free Book for Forex Dummies”

  1. Rasoul

    I am looking for a dummy series in the field of Forex. Do you know such a book?


  2. Andrei


    Yes, there is a book titled “Currency Trading for Dummies”, but I’ve never seen electronic versions of this book.


  3. Rey

    Just enter “Currency Trading for Dummies download” in Google or any search engine.


    Andrei Reply:

    That’s not the full version, just a promotional copy created for Gain Capital. It lacks a lot of content from the original “Currency Trading for Dummies”.


  4. Dick Magers

    Looking for help to get started in forex trading


  5. Adegoke

    I would appreciate your assistance on this forex trading. God bless.


    admin Reply:

    What kind of assistance do you require, Adegoke?


  6. servillano

    need help..i’m a newbie, planning to invest in forex that’s why i do selfstudy i started 3 days ago but still i couldn’t understand how to trade, i already have a demo acct.


    admin Reply:

    You will have to spend a lot more than 3 days to learn how to trade :-).


  7. Forex Singapore

    Great ebook. Though I am experienced trader and trade in real money, I find this ebook very helpful for every newbie trader who wants to start trading Forex.


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