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Forex Account Currency Poll

August 1, 2011 by

While, some brokers limit the traders’ account currency choice to USD, with many Forex brokers it is possible to hold your trading account in currencies other than the US dollar. There are both advantages and disadvantages in keeping your FX account in other currencies. For example, if you believe that the dollar is going to be down long-term, it would be very irrational to store your trading capital in USD. On the other hand, it’s better to keep your money in a currency that you are going to spend in. I myself prefer not to bother and have all my FX trading accounts in the US currency. And how about you?

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If you want to share your opinion or ask questions as to which currency is best to keep your FX trading account in, feel free to reply using the form below.

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  1. austin nnamchi

    which currency is best to keep your FX trading account in


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