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False Reviews of Forex Brokers

January 15, 2010 (Last updated on January 27, 2010) by

I’ve decided to make a major check for false reviews of the Forex brokers on my site today and found 6 brokers that had the false reviews. All were reviews were positive and probably came from some of their representatives, but there is a small probability that they were submitted by the competitors (I don’t know why would a competitor do something like this) or just some crazy people. I’ve deleted the false reviews and I also think that my site’s visitors should know what brokers had them:

It doesn’t necessarily mean that these brokers are bad or that they are scam. After all, even if the reviews were submitted by their employees that could be some enthusiastic personal initiative rather than a company’s policy. But be aware that new false reviews may appear for those brokers. Always be skeptical about the biased opinions in Forex.

Update: Added TeleTRADE — 3 false positive reviews in the Russian part of the site.

Update (2010-01-27): Added MoneyRain — also 3 false positive reviews in the Russian part.

If you have any comments on questions regarding the false reviews of the Forex brokers, please, reply using the form below.

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