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Expert Advisor for AUD/JPY Strategy

November 20, 2009 by

Today I added my first MT5 expert advisor to — AUD/JPY Wednesday 15:00 EA. This EA expert advisor is an implementation of the previously mentioned Forex trading strategy for AUD/JPY. Of course, this EA goes not only in MT5 but also in MT4 version. Both versions look quite equal, but I couldn’t backtest MT5 version because the strategy tester is still absent there. Though, I’ve forward-tested MT5 version one time. MT4 version was successfully backtested, but I had to alter the order tracking code to do it because MT4 strategy tester doesn’t follow order ticket numbers correctly. This expert advisor managed to give almost 80% profit with about 10% maximum drawdown during a period of 16 months (68 total trades). See the results graph below (click to enlarge):

AUD/JPY Wednesday 15:00 EA Result Graph 2008-07-07 — 2009-11-09

No serious drawdowns can be seen on the chart but the curve not always has the same slope, which means that sometimes EA performs better than during other periods. The EA has been tested on bars’ Open prices only (not every tick simulation) because it opens and closes positions only on bars’ openings.

You can also view the complete testing report. Go directly to AUD/JPY Wednesday 15:00 expert advisor page to download this EA or get more information about it. If you don’t like AUD/JPY Wednesday 15:00, you can check other MetaTrader expert advisors.

If you have any questions or some interesting thoughts regarding AUD/JPY Wednesday 15:00 expert advisor or any other MT4/MT5 EA, please, feel free to reply using the form below.

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