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Euro Rallies as the Fundamentals are Not in Dollar’s Favor

June 15, 2007 (Last updated on November 29, 2009) by

EUR/USD today on Forex rallied high to 1.3380 level as the fundamental indicators from U.S. came below expectations. First, May Core CPI came at 0.1% level, whereas expected value was 0.2% (though, overall CPI was 0.1% higher than expected). Then, Industrial Production showed completely no increase in May which can be very for the U.S. GDP. Industrial Capacity Utilization was also lower than expected — 81.3% against 81.6%. And at last — Michigan University Consumer Sentiments Index (preliminary) decreased in May to 83.7, whereas experts expected 88.0. Such a bad day for the U.S. macroeconomics can be a sign to FOMC, which might start considering interest rates lowering.

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