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Employment Situation Data in U.S.

July 6, 2007 (Last updated on November 30, 2009) by

Some important macroeconomic data was released in U.S. today — employment situation in June from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As it was expected by the financial analysts, the overall unemployment rate in June remained on 4.5% level — which is quite low and is a good indicator for the U.S. economy. Non-farm payrolls in June reached 132,000 which is 7,00 higher than the experts’ estimations. May non-farm payrolls were also revised towards the better side — 190,000 from 157,000. Average hourly earnings came out at 0.3% level (as expected), but May data was revised from 0.3% to 0.4%. Overall, this is a good news for the U.S. economics and dollar as well. The Forex market isn’t playing this data yet (or it won’t) — EUR/USD returned to its 1.3600–1.3650 range, and no serious movement can be seen.

2 Responses to “Employment Situation Data in U.S.”

  1. george

    but why still USD is going down against CHF


  2. enivid

    That’s a good question :). USD is going down not only against CHF, but also EUR and GBP. Good news from U.S. alone is not enough to move dollar higher against other currencies – those news have to be better than the news from Eurozone or Switzerland or United Kingdom. And currently there are some big worries about US real estate sector among financial traders in a long term.


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