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Do You Use Robot or Strategy with Martingale Position Sizing?

November 18, 2013 by

I have already written about Martingale trading system before numerous times:

I would not want to reiterate my previous points about its advantages and dangers, but rather I would like to know how popular is Martingale position sizing among the readers of this blog. I had stumbled on this Reddit discussion recently and was really surprised to find out that some traders still clearly do not understand the risks they are dealing with when using Martingale. Moreover, they seem to be so attracted to the profits generated by such systems and robots that they hardly even question the possibility of blowout.

I personally, do not use Martingale and tried it only on demo and backtesting. Of course, I do not plan to use it at all. But what is your experience with this system?

Do you use Martingale EA or strategy?

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If you want to provide some detailed story of your experience with Martingale position sizing technique, please feel free to submit it via the commentary form below.

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