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Do You Use Currency Analysis Reports Found Online?

December 2, 2013 (Last updated on July 27, 2015) by

Public Forex analysts work quite differently from their trading floor peers, who have to supply their reports to the in-house traders rather than to the general market participants or laymen. The former value consistency and vagueness of terms over anything else, while the latter are judged solely by the level of usefulness they provide to the floor traders of their organization. As a result, the average Forex analytical content you find online is full of marketing babble and less precise terms.

It is very easy to find any type of analysis for any of the actively traded currency pairs: from forums to Forex news websites to analysts’ blogs. Additionally, you can also see TA videos on YouTube or gain all sorts of analytical insights from such sources as TV, newspapers, journals and even radio. The quality of the analytical content varies dramatically depending on its source. Some of it can greatly improve your trading capabilities, while most of this content is better left unread, unseen and unheard.

This blog publishes some technical analysis (in form of weekly pivot points and occasional chart pattern set-ups) and a sort of fundamental post-analysis (in form of daily EUR/USD market reviews). Sometimes (normally, once a year) I share my forecasts regarding major currencies, commodities and other financial instruments.

I personally, pay little attention to technical analysis I find elsewhere, though I am usually interested in some fundamental market research or order flow information about the currency pairs I actively trade. And how about you? Please mind that I am not asking here about the analysis that you produce for yourself, but rather about analysis you see on various websites or get via email newsletters.

What online analytical or forecast reports do you follow and use in trading?

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If you would like to share some specific detail about how you filter good analysis from the bad one, please feel free to talk about it using the commentary form below.

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