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Do You Use cTrader?

March 25, 2013 by

There are many platforms available for online Forex trading. Some are very simple and are intended for beginners, some are morecomplex and offer advanced tools for developers of automated systems. Some platforms offer basic charting tools, while some provide possibility for creating your own custom indicators. MetaTrader’s popularity is largely dependent on its blend of usability, set of built-in charting tools, and a rather simple coding language for creation of indicators and expert advisors. cTrader, which I have introduced to my blog’s readers few days ago, also has all these qualities, albeit each is in a less advanced stage than in MetaTrader.

What I would like to know is if cTrader has any popularity within the FX traders’ community. Is it used at least for some demo charting? I installed it a few weeks ago and still use for occasional demo account charting or robot testing. Their community seem to be quite active with developers and those who seek assistance in coding a system or an indicator. This means that there is some kind of demand for cTrader. Do you use this platform?

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If you wish to share some details of your personal experience with cTrader platform, please feel free to do so using the commentary form below.

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