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Did You Make Any Profit in Forex in 2013?

January 20, 2014 by

This year was not very successful for my trading performance. Out of 19 FX and commodities trades that I have executed only 4 have been profitable, while the other 15 have been losses. I have recorded a loss of 8.8% this year, with a rather big part of profit originating from my trade in silver rather than in Forex. Obviously, it is not a good result, especially compared to my last year’s 26.7% profit.

My Trade Performance in 2013

I also have an open trade currently running in CHF/JPY with about 2.5% of unrealized profit. It had been opened in September, but since it was carried over to 2014, I do not count it in my 2013 results. In addition, there is a running NZD/JPY trade opened in January and a pending trade in EUR/USD. Although both of these entry patterns have been generated in 2013, I cannot attribute any potential profit or loss generated from them to my 2013 performance.

Following my tradition started with a similar poll for the year 2012, I would like to ask you about your trading results in 2013.

How profitable were you in 2013?

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If you want to give some details about your trading performance in 2013, please feel free to do so using the form below.

4 Responses to “Did You Make Any Profit in Forex in 2013?”

  1. Jacek

    I had similar situation with running trades. Had profit just below 5% but with running trades it was over 50%. It ended up in about 43% profit in January (from the beginning of 2013).


    Andriy Moraru Reply:

    What a nice profit for several trades! I hope you didn’t risk too much on them.


    Andriy Moraru Reply:



  2. Jacek

    It was just two trades which made this huge difference. I was long on EURJPY for 51 days risking 62 pips to get 991 pips and short AUDUSD for 56 days risking 50 to get 410 pips. Both trades’ risk were about 1,5% of my account each.


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