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Carnival of Forex Trading — October 4, 2007

October 4, 2007 (Last updated on January 9, 2013) by

Welcome to the October 4, 2007 edition of carnival of Forex trading. Only three quality Forex trading articles this time — definitely not too many. But they all are worth reading. No useless talking, but an interesting reading.

Thomas Ott presents A Review Of My Forex Trading posted at Neural Market Trends, saying, “I’m closing in on my 1 year anniversary of trading Forex my $100 Forex Experiment. I did really well ($ wise) in the beginning of the year only to get smacked hard between May and June.”

Thomas Ott presents US Interest Rates VS Currencies | Neural Market Trends posted at Neural Market Trends, saying, “A quick analysis that shows long term correlation between US interest rates and currencies. Part of a brain tease.”

Stirling Newberry presents Why the dollar is taking another beating now posted at The Agonist, saying, “The outlook for the US dollar is a constant and continued erosion, followed by an extended period where the dollar will be very weak compared to other currencies, until there are clear signs of a change in policy regime in the United States. The issue is confidence.”

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