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Carnival of Forex Trading — February 3, 2008

February 3, 2008 (Last updated on February 4, 2008) by

Welcome to the February 3, 2008 edition of Carnival of Forex Trading.

Nate presents Scalping: Don’t Lose Your Head posted at Legion Forex, saying, “Become a legionnaire!”

Raymond presents Invest In Gold As A Hedge Against Inflation, Recession, and The Weakening Dollar posted at Money Blue Book.

Jed Norwood presents Having Profitable Losses posted at Forex Strategy Secrets, saying, “Forex trading is a business that carries risk but that doesn’t mean risk has to be a factor that scares you away. simply learn how to manage your risk and learn from mistakes.” Another author from this site — — presents How Much Should You Trade?, saying, “This post is just one of the tips and tricks offered to Forex Traders. Learn the ins and outs of Forex trading”

James D. Brausch presents TMI (Too Much Information) posted at Internet Business Blog, saying, “To succeed with trading (or any financial goal), you have to stop endlessly reading books, create a basic plan, and ACT.”

Sagar presents 10 Reasons to Be Critical of the Federal Reserve posted at Currency

Vahid Chaychi presents How To Use Fibonacci Numbers in Forex and Stock Trading posted at, saying, “Fibonacci levels can act as strong support/resistance. We have to consider them in our trading strategies.” The same author also suggests reading The Language of Japanese CandleSticks — The Only Real Time Indicators, saying — “Candlesticks are the best indicators of the market psychology. We have to learn their language.”

That concludes this Carnival of Forex Trading edition. This month I’ve got more interesting articles than usually. So you can even chose from something. I hope that it would as interesting for you as it was for me.

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