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BTRFX Unlisted from Brokers List

March 4, 2008 by

I had to remove Boston Trading and Research form the my Forex brokers list, because judging from their website BTRFX is no longer a retail broker. Now they offer managed Forex accounts and are performing quite well (according to BarclayHedge). Personally, I wouldn’t trust them too much, because they don’t seem to be registered with any U.S. or international regulator. According to some Forex related forums’ posts ( and their management is unclear and they don’t look very honest. Anyway, if you are feeling lucky you can definitely try investing with BTRFX managed fund as their returns are quite high.

4 Responses to “BTRFX Unlisted from Brokers List”

  1. Dana

    Yes, We have a great managed account program. Here is how we are regulated:
    Boston Trading and Research LLC
    Disclosure Statement
    Boston Trading and Research LLC (“BTR”) will introduce qualified customer accounts to Maximum Financial Investment Group, Inc. (“Maximum Financial”), a registered broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and member firm of FINRA. Maximum Financial will act as counterparty in all transactions for accounts introduced by BTR. This means that clients will buy and sell foreign currencies in transactions with Maximum Financial as principal.


  2. Charles J. Wright III
  3. NoBTRFX

    Why BTRFX is not trustworthy:
    1. IT from non extrdition country that CAN make it look good.
    2. Management from the Nations of Islam (Turkey, Mozamibque, Bahrain and Jordan)
    3. I suspect it is a scam or laundry. NO GOOD.


  4. Andrei


    Actually I don’t think BTRFX is trustworthy too, but your arguments are funny:
    1. Is it a current problem?
    2. Prejudice.
    3. Suspicion.


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