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Breakout Expert Advisor That Trades Only on Certain Days

July 6, 2009 (Last updated on January 25, 2018) by

More than 6 months have passed since I’ve updated expert advisors section with a new EA last time. So, today the new addition is ready to be downloaded by the traders. myPickyBreakout was inspired by test presented in the latest issue of the Currency Trader Magazine. It’s based on a simple breakout strategy, which looks for a breakout by comparing high/low of the last completed bar with the highs/lows of the previous 8 bars. It holds the position open for 5 days or until the reversing signals is generated. The EA trades only from Tuesday till Thursday (as I consider them to be the most active and least dangerous days). The test of the EA was done on the bar open prices only, because it explicitly controls the bar opening and doesn’t use stop-loss or take-profit. Here you can see the test results graph (click to enlarge):
myPickyBreakout Test Results

As you see, the balance change graph is quite strange as it almost doesn’t change until 2009 and then goes up constantly. I don’t know how to explain that — is it some specific property of my historical data or the MT4 strategy tester, or is it a prevalence of the breakout traders in 2009 — that’s unknown.

You can also view the complete testing report. Go directly to myPickyBreakout expert advisor page to download this EA or get more information about it. If you don’t like myPickyBreakout, you check other MetaTrader expert advisors.

If you have any questions or some interesting thoughts regarding myPickyBreakout expert advisor, please feel free to reply using the form below.

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