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Best Forex Trading Sessions to Trade

June 20, 2011 (Last updated on May 21, 2016) by

I have already discovered that Forex traders have a rather strong preference for the weekdays they trade. On the other hand, only one third of this blog readers is looking to trade during some specific Forex trading session (others do not care). Today, I would like to know, which trading session is the most popular among traders, or perhaps not just one session but two or three?

Forex is traded globally, but there are three main trading sessions that together form the whole trading day. They are named by their most important financial centers: Tokyo/Sydney, London and New York. Below you can find a diagram of trading session hours. The timezone is GMT (UTC), the yellow squares mean hours that are active only during summer, the blue squares show hours that are open only during winter:

Trading Sessions Hours Schedule

During which trading sessions do you prefer to trade Forex?

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