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Being a Trader Is Profitable, Especially If You Work with IAFT

November 14, 2011 (Last updated on July 31, 2013) by

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Being a Trader is Profitable, Especially if You Work with IAFT

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Today it is hard to surprise anybody with the profession of a trader. Every day trading in foreign exchange attracts more and more people who wish to earn money. Forex is a real opportunity to realize your potential and obtain financial freedom.

Moreover – the list of brokerage companies providing access to foreign exchange is huge. Consequently each trader can select the trading center that is perfect for his demands.

But such a wide selection of brokers can lead to choosing a wrong one. Many traders have firsthand experience that it is much easier to avoid this fatal mistake if you cooperate with “Traders Union” International Association of Forex Traders.

IAFT is kind of like a trader’s home front. The Association creates the most profitable trading conditions, assists in selecting a reliable trading center. Moreover, the traders receive free legal help and security of the investment capital.

Hard to believe, but true: over 30 thousand traders have joined the ranks of “Traders Union” International Association of Forex Traders!

Money flying out of a notebook

The Association returns to all its traders-participants 60% of the part of the spread transferred by brokers as a partnership reward for every transaction whether it was profitable or not. And IAFT membership is free. “Traders Union” is a voluntary Association that is open for everyone! International Association of Forex Traders provides each broker with an opportunity to earn as much as he/she wants.

Hard to believe, but true: as of today the Association has paid out over 1,500,000 dollars to its traders-participants.

Man standing near a chart

The Association has proven its reputation of being the best by introducing a new service – unique traders contests where anyone can win real money prizes without investing a single penny. This innovation from “Traders Union” has broken the mold in thinking that online trading requires a starting capital.

It should be noted that over 1200 traders win real money prizes in free IAFT contests every month. And we are not talking about bonuses! We are talking about real money that is available for withdrawal!

Hard to believe, but true: in the ten months of holding the unique traders contests the Association has paid out over 30,000 dollars to the winners!

What’s important is that the majority of IAFT contests’ winners do not stop at this but go on to opening an account via the Association and using the prize funds as a starting capital. Their wins are a testament to the fact that working with IAFT is a key to success in foreign exchange.

International Association of Forex Traders upholds the highest standards of services. And every our participant can confirm that it is profitable to be a trader, especially if you are working with IAFT!

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