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Automated Trading Championship 2007 Came to End

December 23, 2007 (Last updated on December 3, 2009) by

The Automated Trading Championship 2007, which was started by the MetaQuotes Software Corp. (the company that made MetaTrader trading platform), ended yesterday and the winners have been announced:

Participant Better earned the first prize of $40,000 with his outstanding neural network expert advisor, which has turned $10,000 into $130,475.45 in 12 trading weeks. Too bad this has been done on demo account, not real :-). A very interesting result with almost 150% distance from the second place. Unfortunately his expert advisor won’t be available to the public, as he refuses to sell or reveal it.

Second prize is going to user wackena, who made $55,042.10 out of $10,000 — a lot less than Better‘s EA, but still a very convincing result — 450% in over 3 months. The prize for wackena is $25,000.

Third position belongs to user with the nickname Pegasmaster. His expert advisor earned him $15,000 prize, making $39,945.81 balance during the competition.

My own attempt at this championship made it to the 179th place with $6,684.44 balance left — making it a big loser expert advisor. I had no time not only to forward testing it before championship start, but also to backtest it on some accurate data. Anyway I’ve tried and probably in the next championship I will end up with at least a bit better result :-).

Congratulations to the winners and better luck to all who will participate in the next year’s contest!

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