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ATR Trailing Stop Expert Advisor

August 28, 2011 by

I’ve finally found some time to upload a Forex expert advisor that I’ve been testing since December 2010. It’s called ATR Trailer and, as its name suggests, is based on ATR (Average True Range indicator) trailing stop. The idea behind this MetaTrader EA is very simple: we have only one position, which is followed with an ATR-based trailing stop-loss and once it triggers, a position in an opposite direction is opened, then the same goes on with this new position. The idea is very similar to the one used in my ATC2011 EA and was tested by me on a period of more than 8 months on several currency pairs. The best result was achieved using EUR/USD H1 charts and it looks quite stable. In 8 months it gained $1,525.59 on $10,000 initial balance. With a maximum drawdown not exceeding 6%, positive Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio.

This expert advisor is available both for MT4 and MT5. You can read more info about it and download the .mq4 and .mq5 source files from here:

If you have any questions or some interesting thoughts regarding ATR Trailer expert advisor, please feel free to reply using the form below.

One Response to “ATR Trailing Stop Expert Advisor”

  1. martino

    Thank You for sharing your EAs. I’m just thinking about a stop and reverse trading system/EA similar to your ATR Trailer expert advisor. I think that the profitability could be increased pyramiding the winning trades. It should be applied a fixed fractional money management rule to keep limited the maximum risk, leveraging the profits by adding new positions as long as the price trends, the second position opened when the first trailing stop reaches the break even level, the thirth position opened when the second trailing stop reaches the breakeven level and so on. Each position have a trailing stop (volatility based), and only when ALL the positions are stopped the trade is reversed beginning a new “pyramid”. I have no programming skills, so I can’t code and test this idea, I hope it could deserve a coding effort and that you will share the results.
    Thank you again


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