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ATG (Aaron Trading) — ECN Multi-Platform Broker

January 19, 2009 (Last updated on May 17, 2009) by

ATG — the latest addition to the list of the Forex brokers featured on my site — is a multi-platform broker that aims on the professional and even institutional traders. The professional accounts start from $50,000, while the minimum for institutional trading is $250,000. Such high funds requirements mean a really high level of services. As the ECN broker ATG provides liquidity from several interbank sources and also offers several advanced trading platform for all types of traders. They are registered with NFA and are present on the on-line market since 2005. For the less rich traders that can’t afford $50,000 trading account ATG isn’t a very good broker choice. The limited account funding options and the lack of mini-trading are also the negative factors that will keep some traders from opening an account with them. Another bad thing is their website, which should be a lot more attractive and professional if ATG is positioning itself as the high-end Forex broker.

2 Responses to “ATG (Aaron Trading) — ECN Multi-Platform Broker”

  1. Mike

    I looked at this company. First of all, the website I saw was very professional and well laid out. Second, unless this is something new, it seems like they have a solution for individual traders. The minimum account size is $25k, which doesn’t seem unreasonable if you’re looking to play in the institutional playground. I would take another look.


  2. Andrei

    Yeah, they’ve halved the minimum account size and changed the look of the site, but $25k is still too much for the 95% of traders.


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