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Are You Satisfied with Your Forex Broker?

November 30, 2009 by

Currently I am trading with only two Forex brokers — Marketiva and Interactive Brokers. Both brokers are very different and have their advantages and disadvantages. I am quite sure that the same can be said about 90% of all other Forex brokers. They aren’t perfect but I must say that they do their job well and I rarely had any problems with them. Marketiva is fine for me because I often need small fractional trades (the similar position sizing flexibility is also offered by Oanda), deposits and withdrawals have always gone fast and smooth and their security is admirable (they always double check my identity when I login to my account from different PCs or IP address). Interactive Brokers offers interbank rates and is awesome for the long-term trades. Also, I am not afraid to keep a big account with them, knowing that they are very stable and regulated company with a top-notch security of funds. So yes, I am satisfied with my Forex brokers. And what about you?

Are you satisfied with your Forex broker?

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