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A Six-Part Study Guide to Market Profile — Free eBook

August 22, 2008 by

Today I offer you a new free ebook to download from my site — A Six-Part Study Guide to Market Profile. Actually it’s not very new — it was written in 1996 by the Chicago Board of Trade professionals. It thoroughly explains the one of the most innovative but not too popular trading concept — the market profile. First it will help you understand what market profile is and how it can help in your trading. The good thing here that it doesn’t matter if you are a long-term or a short-term trader. And although it was written for the commodity traders, it can still be easily applied in the Forex market. Then it will teach you how to use the market profile to monitor both short-term and long-term trends. This book will also tell you how to relate the daily trading volume with market activity and benefit from it. Carrying out the actual trading decisions relying on the market profile data is described in the last two chapters of this ebook.

The only problem with this book is its size — it’s 346 pages long and it will take a while both to download and to read. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the concept of market profile it will be a helpful addition to your electronic library.

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